Hawaiian container house, mobile house vendor good

Nowadays, the comfort and durability of temporary accommodation and office equipment rooms in construction, highway, commerce and other fields have been greatly improved. What kind of temporary government housing? There is a big difference between the folding container room and the ordinary standard container room!

Difference 1: transportation cost

Folding container house and ordinary container house are widely used in various fields as temporary houses or fixed houses. The biggest difference between them is transportation. When the folding container room is the same size as the ordinary container room, the height is about 2.5-2.8m, but it can be folded repeatedly, and the folded height is not more than 45cm. Each 17.5m truck can check about 16m, which can save users a lot of costs.

The ordinary container room needs the whole container for transportation. The transportation volume of the same model is much less, and the loading and unloading time is also longer, so the freight is also more expensive. In addition, there is a large probability of damage to ordinary container shells during transportation.




Difference 2: Transfer time

When the folding container is moved to the room of the next project, it is necessary to sort out the luggage in advance, do a good job of sanitation, and then fold it and hand it over. The ordinary container room can handle the whole container in a short distance, and can move with the container without cleaning the baggage.

Three differences: storage time and space

The service network life of the two kinds of box rooms is long and can be recycled. When not in use, the folding container type room can be disassembled and assembled quickly. One can be designed by disassembly and assembly between two people within a few minutes. Eight can be stacked in the same space to save space for development. While the materials of ordinary standard container room are assembled, the completion time of disassembly is a little longer, and more space is needed for storage.

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