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I. Overview of greenhouse:

1. Choice of greenhouse type:

· Combined with the local climate characteristics of Shandong, taking into account the applicability requirements and overall aesthetics of the greenhouse, our company suggests the design of the circular arch hot-dip galvanized light steel structure greenhouse;

· The greenhouse structure is simple, bright, transparent, beautiful appearance, durable, strong environmental control ability; Good light transmittance, good ventilation effect; It is a kind of greenhouse with good comprehensive performance at present.

2. Basic configuration of greenhouse

In order to better use the greenhouse for users, reduce the overall operating cost, improve the environmental regulation ability and automatic control level, so that the greenhouse to achieve the best configuration, the basic configuration of the greenhouse is as follows: forced ventilation cooling system (fan, wet curtain), internal shading system, external shading system, power distribution, etc.

3, the greenhouse size:

The greenhouse has a span of 8m, a space of 4m, and a shoulder height of 4m. The top and surrounding areas are covered with 15 wire po films. The length of the greenhouse is 184, with 23 spans; Width 68m, a total of 17 rooms. The total area of greenhouse is 12512 square meters; The top height of the greenhouse is 5.7 meters. Water distribution and drainage facilities are provided around the greenhouse.

4. Greenhouse performance indicators:

1) Wind load: 0.35KN/m2

2) Snow load: 0.30KN /m2

3) Greenhouse drainage: 140mm/h

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