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As a branch of a state-owned large bank rooted in the red soil of Gannan, ICBC Jiangxi Ganzhou Branch deeply implements the strategic deployment of rural revitalization, adheres to the positioning of “promoting agriculture, assisting agriculture, and benefiting agriculture”, leverages the advantages of “popularity, geography, and kinship”, invests more resources in the fields and key links of “agriculture, rural areas, and farmers”, accelerates product innovation services, improves the channels of “entering towns and villages”, and is nourished by a continuous stream of financial vitality, The magnificent paintings of industrial prosperity, rural beauty, and farmers’ prosperity are slowly unfolding.Financial “Spring Rain” Assists Agricultural ProductionAs soon as the loan is received, the fertilizer will be delivered in the afternoon! It only takes a few days before and after the loan is processed, and I don’t need to go out of the orchard or go to the bank. The young man from ICBC has helped me with it, which is convenient and fast, and the interest rate is also low. “said Master Lai, a fruit farmer at Xinfeng, with a simple and honest smile on his face. This year, the beginning of spring is early. In the second lunar month, the navel oranges in Master Lai’s orchard are covered with sprouts. If they can be fertilized in a timely manner, it will be another harvest year. But because there was not enough funds, Master Lai was so anxious at home that he turned around. After learning about the situation, ICBC Xinfeng Branch went to their doorstep to handle the province’s first “planting e-loan” business, which solved Mr. Lai’s urgent need without leaving the house.The “Planting E-Loan” is a digital inclusive financing product created by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China for agricultural growers. This product is enabled by data, with credit lending, self-service withdrawal, and loan and return as needed. It has the advantages of high adaptability to scenarios, wide customer coverage, and convenient and fast approval. It is another sharp tool for Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to serve rural revitalization and support the development of the “three rural” fields. Recently, the Ningdu Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China successfully processed the first vegetable “planting e-loan” of 230000 yuan for farmers in the county, effectively ensuring busy agricultural production and achieving a breakthrough in this business field from scratch.The financial “spring rain” helps production, and does not miss the agricultural season but not miss the spring. ICBC Ganzhou Branch, taking into account the characteristics of the planting industry in the Gannan region, explicitly focuses on citrus and vegetables as its main industries. It actively organizes various branches to enter towns, go to cooperatives and farmers, measure every piece of planting land with their feet, and take multiple measures to provide farmers with worry free, caring, and warm rural revitalization services.Financial water irrigates the fertile soil of agriculture, rural areas, and farmersEight years ago, there was a sudden outbreak of Huanglong disease, which caused all the previously planted fruit trees to be cut down. In recent years, renting land, building networks, and purchasing new seedlings required a lot of investment, and my savings were far from enough. It really worried me, “recalled Lao Ling, a major navel orange grower in Wangwu Village, Chengjiang Town, Xunwu County. After multiple fundraising efforts were unsuccessful, he went to the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ganzhou Xunwu Branch. After the customer manager conducted an on-site investigation, he processed a 300000 yuan” navel orange loan “for him. With the “timely rain” provided by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China’s “loan”, the over 150 acres of land contracted by Laoling have been meticulously managed and finally achieved results.Ganzhou is known as the “World Orange Township”, and Gannan navel oranges are the “fruit of prosperity” for the masses. With farmers actively replanting navel oranges, a lack of funding has become a common problem. In order to promote the development of the navel orange industry, ICBC Ganzhou Branch actively conducts market research, visits relevant units, and visits farmers to understand the current situation of navel orange industry replanting and the characteristics of fruit farmers’ financing needs. It strives to submit innovative financing product solutions that meet the needs of navel orange growers to higher-level banks, and is ultimately approved as a pilot bank for the “navel orange loan” in the province, providing over 330 million yuan of credit line to more than 1300 growers, The current loan balance is 165 million yuan.Not only is it the “navel orange loan”, but in order to better pour financial vitality into the “agriculture, rural areas, and farmers” field, ICBC Ganzhou Branch has implemented the “one county, one product” project, conducting market research on characteristic agriculture in various counties within the jurisdiction of Ganzhou City, and accelerating innovation in agricultural online financing services around the “ICBC Gan Agricultural Loan” brand system. At present, we have innovatively launched agricultural inclusive credit products such as “tobacco farmer loans”, “navel orange loans”, “breeding loans”, “benefiting the people loans”, and “vegetable loans” for various customer groups such as farmers and agricultural market operators within our jurisdiction, delivering financial services to the fields and the hearts of the people, adding strong impetus to rural revitalization.Financial “Ganlin” awakens rural vitalityIn order to implement the concept of “people’s finance for the people”, ICBC Ganzhou Branch regards the people’s longing for a better life as the starting point and foothold of inclusive finance work, fully constructs online and offline service channels to assist rural revitalization, deeply promotes inclusive financial services “entering towns and villages”, and continuously improves the extension and coverage of rural financial services.On the offline side, relying on the 55 physical outlets of Ganzhou Branch, we played a good role in “bridgehead” and “main position”, and successively built 21 rural inclusive financial service points, laying a solid foundation for county sub branches to do a good job in inclusive services. On the online side, we will vigorously promote the “Xingnongtong APP”, targeting rural residents, elderly care workers returning to their hometowns, and other customer groups, providing livelihood services such as card application, inquiry, payment, digital RMB, learning agricultural technology, and local characteristic scenes. For inclusive services, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China’s “Xingnongtong” app targets new agricultural business entities, rural self-employed households, and other customer groups. Combining with activities such as Xingnong matchmaking, it provides services such as “Xingnong Loan” inclusive financing, supply chain finance, trade information, transaction matchmaking, and product sales, allowing “more data to run errands, and less farmers to run errands”. Accelerate the development of digital inclusive services, promote the digitization, intelligence, and online transformation of traditional offline products, create an inclusive “product market”, and increase support for online products such as enterprise digital supply chain, business fast loans, and e-credit (enterprise) fast loans. As of the end of the first quarter of 2023, online inclusive loans amounted to 4.966 billion yuan, an increase of 3.955 billion yuan or 391.2% compared to the end of 2020. The incremental proportion of online loans reached 61.58%.

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