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Navel orange is a very popular orange variety. Although the navel orange is not big, it is better than the thin peel and sweet flesh. So, are Gannan navel oranges delicious? How to identify Gannan navel oranges?

How to identify Gannan navel oranges

Absolutely authentic Gannan oranges, the oranges are mixed, there are too many other oranges marked with the word “Gannan”. Small and sour. But the oranges in this shop are all very big, and at first glance they are produced in Gannan. As soon as I opened the box and saw the size, I felt that the authentic Gannan orange had not run away. Because I bought a box of Gannan oranges before, they were very small. Thin skin and rounded shape. Not quite like Gannan oranges.

Compared with the previous so-called Gannan oranges, one can know which is true and which is false. The small one was bought last time. Although it was also shipped from Gannan, the taste is sour and the juice is not good. You can peel it by hand. Although I am not sure how many varieties of Gannan oranges there are, I think the oranges I received this time are very authentic. As far as the texture and size are concerned, it is the same as the 9.8 pound Gannan orange I bought in the supermarket before. The shape of Gannan oranges should be this, oval, with small ends and a big belly in the middle. On the left are the “Gannan” oranges I bought earlier. round. Thin skinned and small.

Is Gannan navel orange delicious?

The skin is a little thick when cut, the same as the Gannan oranges I bought last year. Plenty of moisture. The oranges are all opened, and the rich orange fragrance wafts into the nostrils. Oranges are on the sweet side, in terms of the sweet and sour ratio. It should be 8:2, sweet 8 sour 2. The “Gannan” oranges I bought last time. Sweet 5 Sour 5. After eating, I didn’t want to eat it, and the skin was wrinkled. Because I can’t accept sour things. The oranges this time were amazing. Because searching for an orange on Taobao, thousands of sellers, hundreds of varieties, really don’t know which is sweet and which is sour. Every time you buy sour, you can only put it. After a certain period of time, the acidity will drop before you can eat it. Similarly, the moisture will decrease after a long time, which will affect the taste.

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