[[Mobile house] The container house is good



There are about 18 million shipping containers worldwide, and all of them will one day be abandoned. Turning these huge steel boxes into houses, coupled with creative design, is not only beautiful and practical, but also quite in line with the concept of sustainable development advocated by modern times.

In the Netherlands, a group of university students and low-income families moved into a house converted from old shipping containers. These boxes have been reworked, designed and placed into comfortable, sturdy, eco-friendly dwellings and, most importantly, inexpensive. In large cities in the Netherlands, dense population has pushed up housing prices, college students and low-income families can not afford to live in cement buildings in the city, and container houses have become their best choice.

Similarly, Japanese charity architect Shigeru Ban also used container houses in the earthquake zone of Japan in 2011. Designed and renovated by Ban, these houses are well-laid out, airy and spacious, and can accommodate victims for three to ten years. What’s more, assembling container houses is efficient and durable, perfect for places where natural disasters have occurred.

Container house is not a new thing, some containers through the clever hands of designers, into a rather beautiful grade housing, can be said to be not lost to high-end atmospheric grade villas.

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