Curtain types and benefits




Let me tell you about the kinds of curtains and their benefits. They looked at which for a long time to use, believe their vision.
👀 pull the curtain
Use a four-fork iron wire hook to sew on the edge of the curtain behind the seal, forming a form of 2 to 4 folds. Can be single or double, is a common style in the room.
🌊 water curtain
When pulled up, it forms a wave of water, such as the vertical rising curtain of a theater, with a classical romantic atmosphere. Generally, it is appropriate to choose lighter fabrics, and the effect is ideal.
🏛️ Roman curtain
Pull up a section in the horizontal direction, simple and natural, with excellent concealment and visual effects.
🎀 Buckle rod type also known as open guide curtain
The curtain head ring is pulled on the curtain rod, and the curtain body is similar to the folding curtain, but the decorative effect of the curtain rod, curtain head and curtain rod ring is better. Suitable for decorative space.
🌀 Rolling shades
The curtain body is straight and is retracted by a rotating curtain rod.

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