Chinese style curtain design and matching




Chinese style curtain is the palace architecture as the representative of the Chinese classical architectural interior decoration design art style, magnificent, magnificent, high space, deep, carved Liang painting building, resplendent, symmetrical shape, color pay attention to contrast decorative materials based on wood, patterns more dragon, phoenix, turtle, lion, etc., elaborate, magnificent and wonderful.
🎨 The design is simple and sophisticated
The design of Chinese style curtain head is simple and exquisite, and the use of splicing methods and special tailoring integrates elements with “Chinese style” characteristics, such as freehand Chinese painting, vigorous and powerful calligraphy, highlighting the noble and elegant temperament.
🌈 Emphasize the role of space
The collocation of Chinese curtains should not only be Chinese color, but also emphasize the role of space. Chinese double-layer fabric curtains are a relatively new type, which can not only play a good role in regulating the light, but also play a warm winter and cool summer adjustment role.
🎨 Modern Chinese style
Modern Chinese style curtains make more use of postmodern techniques, usually printed on the curtains hang a Chinese landscape painting and other traditional paintings and calligraphy to match the living room with the inherent style, but also often use plain colors to make curtains, but the color still reflects the simplicity of Chinese style, now make the whole space in the tradition of modern atmosphere.
🎭 imitation silk material products
Starting from the indoor Chinese style, Chinese curtains can choose some imitation silk material products, with the texture, gloss and draping of silk, it is simple to take care of, and you can also add a variety of metal elements, such as gold and silver, to add a fashionable feeling.

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