American decoration | curtains are simple, but also have a warm sense of home




The building area is 120 square meters, the inside of the suite is 98 square meters, four-leaf clover apartment type, double balcony, I have opened the balcony connected to the living room, and the other side is used as a living balcony.

✨ Before, my home did not install curtains, because there was no reserved curtain box, and the size of the windowsill was also very tight. After doing my homework, I found that my balcony can be installed with ultra-thin rails to install curtains, which led me to the road of choosing colors!

✨ The overall color of my home is warm, I oscillate between green and coffee, after some entangling, choose coffee, it turns out that coffee is indeed a perfect match, and the overall color of my home is more unified, simple and generous.


❤️ A little change in soft clothing can make the home more warm, carefully dress up the home, every place is filled with happiness ~

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