Smoky blue curtains with their own filters




Smoke gray blue, as if born with a fog filter, gray and blue integration, transformation into a space mood, and then burst out a quiet power, too suitable for bedroom use ~
🪞 moderate saturation, grayscale increase, hazy fog sense of inspiring dazzle, leading the French temperament.
🌌 What’s more, different from the romantic atmosphere of French, which represents the color of milky white, smokey blue also shows extraordinary taste.
🌟 Niagara blue embraces you like the whisper of the sky at night
🌟 smoke grey blue, so that the space has a progressive sense of brightness
🌟 New York fog blue, three-dimensional lattice makes the atmosphere more quiet
🌟 Midnight blue, so that the space is filled with the romance of the stars and the sea.
🌠 In the name of smoke gray blue, rational expression of the heart gentle; The light luxury space is decorated with smoke-grey and blue curtains.

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