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Many small partners like our home decoration style, may be more suitable for young people, we have done a lot of homework before decoration, plus some of their own preferences, today to share the purchase of curtains with skills
☆ Color
The curtain color also plays a role in harmonizing the interior color, and try to choose the main color of a space. Our family chooses a reference for each space, such as:
The living room is a place for family to stay together, a warm and relaxed atmosphere, choose the sofa color as the main color, milk coffee color;
The master bedroom needs high shading and good privacy, so the color of the bed is mainly dark coffee color;
The second bedroom has poor lighting and needs to improve the brightness of the room, so the lightest color in the space is selected – the wall, dark gray.
☆ Style
Simple style, whether hard wall, or soft furniture, the shape is relatively simple. Like the milk coffee latex paint that our whole house brushes, then the style of the curtains is also as simple as possible, without too much lace and patterns. If the wall is vintage, fancy wallpaper wall cloth, curtains can also add some lace decoration accordingly.
☆ Material
Flannelette texture with retro taste, is the only choice for American, but also more weight, hanging natural vertical.
The workmanship of the Korean pleat, coupled with the natural draping of the fabric, makes it easy to shape.

Share these today, if you have any other questions, please leave them in the comments section and let’s discuss together.

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