Curtains suitable for small Windows | super friendly for small homes




Small apartment and small window how to solve the curtain beautiful + practical problem?
Then the following 4 kinds of curtains you must understand

💡1. Roman curtains
Decorative is very strong, can be made according to your needs of different shapes, different fabrics, different colors of curtains, any style of decoration can find a suitable for your Roman curtain
💡2. Blinds
There are many styles, PVC louvers, aluminum alloy louvers, solid wood louvers, bamboo louvers, etc., according to the shape and C-type, S-type, factory type, etc., you can choose
💡3. Shangli curtain
More than two layers of blinds, the light is soft, the sun does not cover the scene, is the level of appearance in the curtain
💡4. Honeycomb curtains
Because of its hollow structure, it has a good thermal insulation effect, and it has two forms of day curtain and night curtain

These 4⃣ curtains all have the advantages of small footprint, can be customized according to the size of the window, and can freely adjust the light, so it is very suitable for small Windows ️ The others can be selected according to your needs ~

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