Curtain box and curtain track installation method




Curtain box and curtain track is an important part of curtain installation, the following introduces the curtain box and curtain track installation method.
🏠 built-in curtain case
The internal curtain box is at the top of the window at the ceiling, to make a groove, and install the curtain rail in the groove. As a curtain box contained in the ceiling. Done together with the ceiling construction.
🏠 external curtain box
The external curtain box is made on the ceiling plane to make a shelter board through the length of the wall, and the curtain rail is installed on the ceiling plane inside the shelter board. The shielding plate can be double-wrapped with wooden frame, and the bottom edge is treated as the sealing plate edge. The connecting line between the shield plate and the ceiling should be pressed with the corner line of the ceiling. The fixing method of the baffle plate can be fixed by shooting nails, or by embedded wooden wedges, round nails, or expansion bolts.
🛠️ curtain track installation
Curtain tracks come in single, double or triple tracks. Single curtain box generally install the track, dark curtain box in the track, the track should be kept in a straight line. There are three types of track types: I-shape, groove shape and round bar shape. I-curtain rail is installed with its matching fixed claws, the installation of the fixed claws first set into the I-curtain rail, each meter of the curtain track has three fixed claws installed on the wall or curtain box on the wooden structure.

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