The knowledge and charm of curtains




The curtains at home, seemingly insignificant, actually contain endless knowledge and charm. The material, color, quality and size of the curtain, every detail is worth us to savor.
👘 Material selection
Living room, bedroom and study curtains can choose the same material, double curtain is a good choice. The inner layer can choose a light nylon silk, gauze or mesh cloth, while the outer layer can choose a heavy some such as corduroy, wool or canary, etc., with the season and weather easily change, so that the home is full of fresh.
🎨 pattern matching
Living room curtains should choose bright colors, stimulate vitality, create a bright atmosphere, easy to talk and work and study; The bedroom should choose warm colors to create a warm atmosphere and help you sleep peacefully.
👍 Quality Assurance
Understand the characteristics of various fabrics before purchase, and confirm whether the selected curtains meet the requirements when selecting, in order to start with confidence.
📏 Size coordination
Covering the Windows is fundamental, but the balance of length and width is more important. If the curtain length is less than the width, the decorative effect will be greatly reduced. If the window is large, may wish to hang a few slender curtains, the effect is better.
🎭 curtain rod matching
Curtain rod is an important part of the overall decorative style, and the choice of color and style should be carefully considered. The right curtain rod can take your home to the next level.

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