Bedroom curtain selection and matching




The bedroom is everyone’s private world, in order to better rest, we need to choose the right curtains. This article will provide you with some suggestions for the selection and matching of curtains, hoping to bring more comfort and warmth to your bedroom.
🎨 pastel colors
Choose soft colors and avoid overly pure or strong contrasts. A light color will help you fall asleep.
☀️ Curtains with good light blocking performance
Choose curtains with good light blocking performance to adjust the entry of sunlight as desired. At the same time, don’t forget to choose curtains with superior ventilation performance, so that the indoor air is always fresh.
🌈 Choice of color
Dark curtain color, over time, may affect the mood; And too bright color, easy to lead to visual fatigue, and even cause irritability. It is recommended to choose a smooth, calm color, such as light coffee, light blue or beige.
💤 A combination of red and black
If you often suffer from insomnia, you may want to consider a combination of red and black, which can help you fall asleep faster.
🌟 The creation of the overall atmosphere
It is recommended to choose a smooth, calm color, such as light coffee, light blue or beige. They can create a peaceful and harmonious environment for you to rest.
🪟 bay window curtain matching
On the floating window, you need at least two curtains: fabric and yarn. Roland yarn is recommended for screen curtains, which is fast and easy to bend and install; The curtain is recommended to choose a slightly thick style, the color is recommended light brown.
🎨 overall aesthetic harmony
The color choice of the curtain is not only a separate aesthetic behavior, but also needs to be coordinated with the overall style of the room, furniture, walls, floors, ceilings, etc. Such an overall beauty can make your living room glow with a unified and harmonious luster.
🌈 Personalized selection
The most important thing is that the choice of curtains should not only consider aesthetics, but also match your psychological feelings and color preferences. Let the curtains become one of the ways you express yourself and show your personality.

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