Curtain matching skills: make the home more warm





Curtain as an important part of interior decoration, its matching skills can not be ignored. Expensive fabrics can enhance the sense of luxury in the room, but in fact, we do not have to pursue luxury too much. The key is that the texture and style of the curtains should be coordinated with the overall decoration and furnishings of the room.
🌡️ Seasonal factors
When choosing curtains, we need to consider seasonal factors. In summer, light and breathable yarn or silk is ideal; In winter, we need to meet our need for warmth.
🎨 echoes the rest of the interior
Curtains also need to complement other interior decorations. Large-area cloth items such as bed covers, carpets and sofa covers should be a factor for us to consider. Look for common ground in colors or patterns to harmonize the curtains with these items and make the entire interior space more harmonious and cohesive.
🌟 Beautiful scenery
The curtain is not only the role of shading and decoration, it is a beautiful scenery line in the home. Carefully selected and matched curtains, so that every corner of the home is full of warmth and beauty.

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