Sleep curtains | Are the thicker the curtains the better for a good night’s sleep?




Many friends believe that curtains need shading, heat insulation and sound insulation, so insomnia want to sleep well, the heavier the fabric the better.
But in fact not oh, the functionality of the curtain is not much related to the thickness of the thick, but related to the material, density yarn and process.

💯 What are the advantages of amorous sleeping curtains 💯
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💠 shading: like the amanji sleep curtain, the use of special single-component high temperature resistant nanomaterials, through the nanotechnology thin layer of medium temperature curing, the shading rate can reach the national standard, while saying goodbye to the complexity and thick of the shading cloth layer;
💠 Heat insulation: The use of high-end weaving equipment imported from Germany, strictly selected 120D pure cotton fiber and polyester fiber blend of special yarn, woven through yarn-dyed technology, Amantime curtain fabric, heat insulation effect is first-class bar;
💠 sound insulation: Amantime sleep curtain not only has 3 times the high fabric length of ordinary curtains, but also adopts professional sound absorption structure, double-sided sound absorption and light blocking layer to form a 5-layer three-dimensional structure, which greatly improves the sound insulation and noise reduction effect of the curtain, and the indoor noise can be controlled within 30 decibels, which can achieve a comfortable and noise-free sleep effect.

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