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Gannan navel oranges, especially navel oranges native to Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, have an excellent subtropical geographical environment, red loam soil rich in rare earth elements, and suitable climate and light conditions for the growth of navel oranges.

Gannan navel oranges are not only rich in fragrance, good taste, rich in nutrients and high in vitamin C content. In the fruit world, oranges are always the spokesperson fruit of vitamin C. According to research, eating a navel orange every day can prevent many diseases.

So, how to choose authentic and delicious Gannan navel oranges? As an editor who has lived in Gannan for many years and grew up eating navel oranges, let me introduce the skills of using my own experience to choose navel oranges.

1. Look at the peel. The peel is the external manifestation of a fruit. Whether the fruit is delicious or not, you can see the whole body from the peel. The delicious navel orange has a smooth and delicate peel, and the pores of the epidermis are relatively tight. , When choosing navel oranges, do not choose fruits with thick pores and rough peels, because this kind of navel oranges will have thicker skins, and of course the pores are not blocked well. Choose the right one. Storage is the fruit whose peel loses water and wilts, and is not fresh.

2. Look at the shape of the fruit. High-quality Jiangnan navel oranges are slightly oval. Of course, round ones are not bad, but round ones are also orange, but the standard fruit shape of Gannan navel oranges is oval. It is safer to choose oval navel oranges. , In addition, the big navel orange looks very happy. The stalk of the big navel orange is prone to lack of water, so try to choose a medium-sized navel orange, and prefer to choose small, not too large.

3. Look at the color of the fruit, the natural Gannan navel orange, the most natural color is orange or orange, the color is natural and beautiful, the orange of poor quality, the color of the peel is blue, the glossy orange looks very beautiful, but I suggest you not to buy it. After the wax grinding process, the pores on the surface of the peel are blocked, the pulp has a rotten taste, and the heavy metals are easy to exceed the standard. Another kind of dyed orange is that the fruit merchants picked a large number of unripe fruits in advance, and then colored and beautified them. It is sold as a ripe fruit and returns to blue after temporary storage. It is said that this kind of fruit can be identified on the Internet by wiping it with a paper towel, but if it is dyed and waxed, this method will also fail. At this time, you can observe the pedicle of the fruit. The pedicle is white-green, and if it is dyed, the pedicle will also be dyed red.

4. Smell the fragrance of the fruit. Naturally ripe Gannan navel oranges have a very strong orange fragrance. In Xinfeng, Ganzhou, the birthplace of Gannan navel oranges, there is a saying that the navel orange will fill the room as soon as it enters the room. The fragrance of this orange is very Fresh and fruity fragrance. In Ganzhou, car owners often put some oranges from Jiangxi South Navel in the car. Every two days, the car is full of a faint orange fragrance, which can be used as a perfume on the car. The umbilical cord orange is pungent. If the medicinal smell is strong, it is very likely to be soaked in the plastic wrap. The fruit industry accepts an appropriate amount of plastic wrap, but the concentration is too high and it is harmful to the human body. If there is no orange fragrance, should you use orange hair wax? The pores are colored, and the peel is covered with wax, so there is no orange fragrance. There is also an authentic Jiangxi Nannavel orange bar, which may have a very light taste.

5. Try the hand feeling. On the other hand, test the elasticity of the orange peel of the umbilical cord. Press it lightly with your fingers. If the peel is elastic, it means it is firm, full, and the orange of the umbilical cord is fresh. Ironically, water is lost, don’t buy it. On the other hand, test the feel of the pressure. The ratio of Gannan navel orange juice can reach more than 55. A navel orange weighs half a catty, which is heavy in your hand. This is the full performance of orange juice. If If the fruit is large and soft, it is likely to be a fruit that lacks water.

6. Cut and eat and stop tasting is the most direct way to check. After all, no matter what others say, you have to eat delicious food yourself. If you try to eat and find that you have been cheated, don’t buy it from this seller. Gannan navel oranges The peel thickness is suitable, the meridians are few, the fruit is full, the juice is sufficient, and all Gannan navel oranges are not planted!

Do you remember the above method? If you don’t have recipes in your heart, don’t buy a lot of them at a time. Buy some to try first, if you are satisfied, then buy again. It’s safer. Gannan navel oranges are rich and fragrant. The sweetness can reach above 11.8. Imported oranges are about 8.8 sweet, which is normal. Oranges are 9.6 degrees, which is one of the reasons why Gannan navel oranges are delicious. I believe I have never eaten Gannan.

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