Chinese curtain head: add warmth and elegance to the home




Chinese curtain curtain head styles have their own characteristics, there is always one that can touch your heartstrings. Add a warm and elegant to your home, make life better!
🌸 The rhyme of randomness
Seemingly random curtains, in fact, each fold has been carefully crafted. Adding warmth and tranquility to the space is an indispensable choice for you in the pursuit of personal life.
🌺 Classic beauty
The curtain head and curtain body are made of pure color fabric, perfectly integrated into the room, showing a sense of elegance and gravitas, allowing you to stay away from depression and enjoy peace.
🌻 simple vertical pleats
The regular vertical pleated design complements the floral pattern of the curtain body, emphasizing the rustic feeling of the curtain. Designed for cotton and linen curtains, add a touch of nature to your home.
🦋 bow embellishment
High matching curtain head and curtain, bow shape fabric add character. Inject a touch of sweetness and romance into your home.
🍃 Multiple natural folds
Suitable for multiple window combinations, elegant multiple folds naturally fall. Use draping fabrics to add a touch of elegance and charm to your home

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