The difference between high temperature setting and low temperature setting of curtain selection




There are obvious differences in several aspects between high temperature set curtains and non-set curtains.
Function: The function of high temperature setting curtain is relatively rich, not only has the shading and decorative, but also has the effect of heat insulation. Stereotyped curtains are usually only used for interior decoration and basic shading.
Drape: The drape of the high-temperature fixed curtains is very good, and it is not easy to wrinkle compared to the ordinary curtains that are not fixed. The drapery of unshaped curtains is relatively average.
Stability: The curtains that have been shaped at high temperature will not fade or become brittle and yellow due to the influence of sunlight and ultraviolet rays, and will also not fade and deform after washing. The fixed curtains will fade, become brittle, thin and yellow in the direct sunlight or after cleaning.
Appearance: The curtains that have been shaped at high temperature will be more exquisite and beautiful in the color, pattern texture and process, and there are more styles, and it will be more flat without wrinkles. Styled curtains, on the other hand, look more casual.
In general, high-temperature shaped curtains are better than non-shaped curtains in function, drape, stability and appearance, but the price is usually slightly higher. The choice can be made according to individual needs and budget

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